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Gift Baskets

Five pre-packaged options at different price points. Fresh design. Great wines. Cool stuff.
Total service. Well-priced. Overall, painless...Massively appreciated!

Want to build your own gift bundle? Download this handy worksheet to get started

Delivered locally in our cool metal pail that doubles as an ice bucket, or shipped in our sleek corrugated gift box.
Bottles are subject to change based on available inventory.

Give #1 - Love Bucket

A favorite red and a lively white paired with a terrific corkscrew.

Give #2 - Chock Full

Loaded with great stuff: a hearty red, an elegant white and a fun bubbly. Includes a terrific corkscrew.

Give #3 - Incredibly Generous

Incredibly generous! Packed with 4 bottles of wine, a bottle carry case and a terrific corkscrew. Festive, fun and practical. S.E.C. compliant!

Give #4 - Impressive

Ok, so you want to impress? Give Bottlerocket's hand-picked selection of 3 outstanding wines, with a deluxe corkscrew.

Give #5 - Only The Best

Sometimes the best gifts come in big packages. Spin heads with 5 knock-out wines and a deluxe corkscrew. Nothing but the best.